Professors & Scholars - Pre-Arrival Information

Visa Application & Interview

After submitting a copy of the J Exchange Visitor Application Packet, you will be issued Form DS-2019. You will use this form to take to your local U.S. embassy to obtain the visa. Use this  Embassy Interview Checklist to prepare for your interview.


When looking for housing, your first consideration must be the campus that you will be based at with your Program Sponsor at Valencia.Our campus locations. East Campus and West Campus are the two largest campuses, and Winter Park and Osceola are smaller campuses..

In some cases, your Program Sponsor may offer you accommodations. Otherwise, you will need to rent an apartment, look for an extended stay hotel, or stay in a homestay family program. If you will be renting, you normally have to pay the first month’s rent plus 1-2 month’s rent as a deposit.  The monthly rent for a studio apartment ranges from $500 to $700 per month plus utilities (electricity, water, cable TV, Internet). In general, the amount you spend for housing should be limited to one-fourth or one-third of the total amount you have planned to spend on living expenses. If the cost is one-half of your budget or more, you may be spending too much.  Here are some links to help you get started with your search:

Please contact the SAGE office at if you need additional housing assistance. 

What to Pack

The biggest thing you need to consider when preparing for your trip is the weather for the time of year you will be in Orlando. Use this  Recommended Packing Checklist for help.

Orlando International Airport

Students will arrive to the Orlando International Airport.  Going through customs can add an additional hour on to your arrival time, so be prepared.  After you go through customs, you will be required to pass through another security and baggage check point.  Here are some useful links to help you:


When you arrive in the U.S., you may be selected to register for the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS). If you are subject to NSEERS, you must report to an immigration officer at your port of exit when you leave the U.S. You are STRONGLY urged to make an appointment with your RO/ARO to discuss procedures before leaving the U.S. Failure to register your departure with NSEERS could result in you being denied re-entry to the U.S.


Due to College policy, Valencia cannot provide airport pick up. You can take a Taxi Cab to your accommodations if you do not have someone meeting you.  Taxis use metered rates here in Orlando. Most students depend upon the Lynx Bus System for local transportation, but we recommend the rental car companies in Orlando. Check out the latest Orlando Travel Reports to see current delays.