Students - Program Description

Full-time Degree-Seeking Students

Study in a full-time Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree program in Arts & Entertainment, Business, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Hospitality, or Information Technology. Please note that international students cannot enroll in any of the Healthcare programs since space is limited. Students must enroll for 12 to 19 credits per semester. Most courses are 3 to 4 credits each. Please note that space is limited and courses are not guaranteed. Seats are assigned on a first-come, first-serv basis so plan ahead and apply early. The minimum program duration is three weeks up to two years.

Nondegree-Seeking Exchange Students

Students can come for one semester of study in any of the degree programs mentioned above. Valencia must have a signed agreement with your institution. You will need to submit a signed approval form from your home institution for all course selections. Be sure to consider course pre-requisites when you make your selections. Students must enroll for 18 credits per semester unless their institution requires otherwise. The following is a list of our current Exchange Program Partners: