Professors & Scholars - How to Apply

Application Instructions

The purpose of the Exchange Visitor Program for professors, short-term scholars, and specialists is to share knowledge, information, ideas, and best practices as it relates to methodology, curriculum design, and technology; and to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for each other's country and culture. In order to participate, you must be invited by a Valencia faculty or staff member. This person must fill out the following form for approval:

All visiting professors, short-term scholars, and specialists must be hosted by a Valencia department. The first step in this process is for the primary contact in the host department to complete Valencia's internal application for exchange programs. The program participation outcome will be some type of contribution to International Education at Valencia.  This could be in the form of modifying existing learning outcomes in curricula, infusing global concepts into the curriculum, creating learning objects to add to the curriculum, creating new courses related to international education, or sharing international exchange experiences with peers college-wide.  The following packet includes a checklist on the steps to apply for and obtain your J visa:

Program Eligibility

Have a host department at Valencia.

Be employed with an overseas organization or educational institution.

Have a valid passport for the program duration.

Submit proof of your English language proficiency through the submission of a written sample, completion of an oral interview, or have a TOEFL score of 64 or higher.

Show proof of financial support for the program duration for all expenses.

Purchase the College’s health insurance plan.             

Program Fees & Cost of Living

Expenses 1 Week 1 Month 1 Semester 1 Year
Injury and Sickness Insurance $100 $100 $453 $1,157
Living Expenses $324 $1,295 $5,180 $15,541
Transportation (car rental) $150 $600 $3,000 $6,000
Social and Cultural Activities $50 $200 $800 $1,600
Total Financial Requirement: $624 $2,195 $9,433 $24,298

Family & Dependents

Spouses and children under the age of 21 of J-1 visa holders are allowed to come to the United States for the program duration on a J-2 visa. Dependents will be required to have a separate DS-2019 and carry the College's health insurance. Dependents are eligible to work once they arrive by filing an I-765 with the USCIS, but the income received cannot be counted towards the financial support of the J-1 visa holder. Any termination of the J-1 visa holder's status will invalidate the J-2 status for dependents. Dependents may not remain in the U.S. if the J-1 visa holder remains abroad for more than 30 days. J-2 visa holders cannot remain in the U.S. after reaching the age of 21.