Valencia's International College Program with Academic Training
at the Walt Disney World Resort

Arrival Information

First Week

During your first few days in Orlando, you will be very busy getting settled into your apartment, attending orientations, and getting prepared for your courses and your academic training. Below is a list of activities you will undertake during your first week. The order of these events may change but they are listed here to give you an approximate idea of what to expect.


  • Check into your housing complex and receive an information packet
  • Move into your apartment
  • Go grocery shopping


  • Attend all day welcome/information sessions
  • Bring the following documents for verification:
    • Passport with J-1 visa
    • I-94 card
    • DS-2019
  • Complete the I-9 Form (verifying employment eligibility)
  • Complete the W-4 Form (for taxes)
  • Receive information on policies
  • Housing overview
  • Placement paperwork and payroll deduction
  • Get Disney IDs
  • Disney Look
  • Get academic training schedule
  • Benefits paperwork



  • Attend Disney Traditions
  • Collect costume


  • Start academic training