Valencia's International College Program with Academic Training at the Walt Disney World© Resort

Insurance & Healthcare

Sickness and Injury Insurance

Your insurance is through Insurance for Students (provider is United Healthcare), and during your orientation you will be given your insurance card which provides insurance coverage through the Care Plus plan for the six months of your JEV program.  You must present this card when receiving any covered medical service.  You may be required to pay a deductible amount. 

Florida Hospital Centra Care (near Downtown Disney)     (They will provide transportation if needed.)
12500 S. Apopka Vineland Rd.
Orlando, FL 32836
Phone:  407-934-2273

Your contact for insurance questions is India Turkell at 800-356-1235 or

Property Insurance

Valencia Community College, the Walt Disney World Company, or Price Management cannot be held responsible if anything happens to your personal property during this program.  This includes:

  • Theft from your apartment, whether it was locked or unlocked
  • Water damage from any source (Florida’s hurricane season is June through November)
  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Any other loss or damage

ALWAYS lock up your valuables – passport, DS-2019, cash, computer, Ipod, camera, jewelry, etc., in your locker when you are not using them.  Do not trust that everyone who enters your apartment is a “friend” who shares the same values as you.  Even honest people sometimes cannot resist temptation.  Do not provide temptation to others by leaving your valuable property unlocked.

Valencia strongly recommends that you purchase personal property insurance from any insurance company of your choice.  It is your responsibility to arrange for this insurance; renters’ insurance is available for as low as $15 a month.


Health care in the U. S. is complicated, even for U. S. residents.  The American health care system is different from many other countries, where the government may pay all or part of an individual's health care costs.  Medical care is very expensive in the U.S., and people are expected to pay for it themselves.  Even a few days in the hospital can cost thousands of dollars.  There will be separate bills from the hospital, from every doctor who examines the patient, for every laboratory procedure, and for all medicines.  Americans purchase health insurance to protect them from these high health care costs, and all Exchange Visitors are required to have it.  Do not view health insurance as an additional, unnecessary expense!  Without it you would have to pay thousands of dollars in medical bills if you had a serious accident or illness that required hospitalization.

In the U. S. it is customary to ask your doctor questions about your diagnosis and treatment.  You may want to have a friend accompany you to a medical appointment in order to help listen and ask questions, assist with translation (if necessary), and provide overall support. Many medical offices and pharmacies in the Orlando area have Spanish speakers on staff and sometimes they can assist speakers of other languages.  So do not be afraid to ask if someone there can talk with you in your native language so that you can ask questions and make sure you understand everything they tell you.