Maintaining Your Visa Status

Maintaining Status

The U. S. Department of State considers an Exchange Visitor to be in “valid program status” only when he or she engages in approved J-1 activities, regardless of the end date on the DS-2019 form.  This means that you must actively and successfully participate in all of the required academic and training activities of your program.  If you fail participate in some or all of these activities, you will no longer be in valid program status, which means that Valencia may have to terminate your program.  Responsibilities include:

  • Obtain validation of your SEVIS record after checking in with your RO/ARO upon arrival.

  • Retain required documentation at all times which include a valid DS-2019, I-94 card, and valid passport during the entire length of the program.

  • Engage only in appropriate activities permitted, specifically in Section 4 of the DS-2019.

  • Report address changes to your assigned RO/ARO within 10 days of the move date.

  • Maintain the required sickness and injury insurance coverage for the entire program period (including program extensions). You must provide proof of coverage for yourself and any dependents in J-2 status.

  • Comply with employment guidelines and refrain from any unauthorized employment. All employment activity that is not included in Part 4 on the DS-2019 must be approved in writing by the RO/ARO before the activity begins. Students may only work at the
    designated internship site and be “in good standing” with their employer.

  • Comply with all academic program guidelines and acceptable standards of student conduct. This includes attendance requirements for each course.

  • Report any program changes to the RO/ARO in advance.

  • Obtain a travel signature on the DS-2019 from the RO/ARO prior to departing the United States anytime during your program duration. Please note that students may not be allowed to re-enter the U.S. without travel authorization.

  • File timely and appropriate school transfer or program extension paperwork with the appropriate staff member.

  • Report your departure date and reason to the RO/ARO in advance. You must depart the United States within 30 days of completing or ceasing program activities. Overstaying the 30 days is a serious immigration violation that may negatively affect your ability to obtain a new visa or re-enter the U.S. in the future.

Travel and Re-Entry

You can travel outside the U.S. and then request re-entry to continue your J program. You will need a valid passport, a DS-2019 travel signature by an RO/ARO, and proof of current injury and sickness insurance. If the J visa stamp is expired, the Exchange Visitor must obtain a new visa stamp before entry to the U.S. will be granted. For travel to a country other than the visitor’s home country, Exc hange Visitors should contact the consulate or embassy of that country for entry requirements and procedures. Travel must be completed before the end date on the DS-2019.

Program Termination

An Exchange Visitor can be terminated from the program for any of the following reasons: fails to report to the College, is unable to attend classes, violates any of the program or college's regulations, fails to maintain health insurance coverage, or engages in authorized employment. The Exchange Visitor must depart the U.S. immediately upon termination. Individuals who are terminated are ineligible for an extension of stay or in-country change of status and may be deported.