Leave of Absence

For Illness or Personal Reasons

Valencia College values our employees and recognizes that on rare occasions they may need time off  from work for an extended period of time due to a long-term illness or other personal reasons, in addition to other types of authorized College leaves.

Leave of absence for illness may be requested by an employee who either is not eligible for Family/Medical Leave (FMLA) or the period of the requested leave exceeds the FMLA maximum as allowable by law. Leave of absence for other personal reasons may include activities that will be of professional benefit to an employee and to the College, such as a professional certification or a higher education degree.

These two types of leave are evaluated on an individual basis and on factors including, and not limited to, the need for leave, operational needs and best interest of the College, and may be authorized for up to one year with appropriate supporting documentation.

Full- and part-time employees may request a leave of absence. For more information on this type of leave, see the  Leaves of Absence Policy and  Leaves of Absence Frequently Asked Questions. If you need assistance on how to have this conversation with your supervisor, assistance on how to request this type of leave or assistance with other available options, please contact Organizational Development and Human Resources at HR4U@valenciacollege.edu or call the HR4U helpline 407-582-4748 (HR4U).  

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Contact HR4U

We are happy to help! Contact Organizational Development and Human Resources(ODHR) by phone on the HR4U helpline at 407-582-HR4U (4748). You can also reach us via email below.