The League Excellence Awards Recipients

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2019 Recipients

  • Vasudha Sharma, professor, chemistry
  • Jocelyn Morales, counselor
  • Wendy Givoglu, dean, School of Arts and Entertainment
  • Andy Ray, professor, building construction technology
  • Marsha Butler, faculty, New Student Experience
  • Natali Shulterbrondt, counselor
  • Magdala Emmanuel, professor, mathematics
  • Joshua Austin, manager, learning support services
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2018 Recipients

  • James Adamski, professor, earth science
  • Hatim Boustique, professor, mathematics
  • David Curtis, professor, biology
  • Amy Downs, instructional lab supervisor, English
  • Meenawattie Udho, instructional lab supervisor, student activity
  • Michael Blackburn, manager, learning support services
  • Eda Davis-Lowe, programs director, STEM
  • Mary McGowan, director, student services
  • Nelson Placa, professor, hospitality management
  • Adriene Tribble, professor, humanities
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2017 Recipients

  • Rachel Allen, professor, humanities
  • Andrea Bealler, counselor
  • Claudia Genovese-Martinez, professor, mathematics
  • Neal Phillips, professor, English
  • Pierre Lubold, professor, psychology
  • Jorge Valladares, faculty, New Student Experience (NSE)
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2016 Recipients

  • Suzette Dohany, Professor of Speech
  • Ilyse Kusnetz, Professor of English
  • Jolene Rhodes, Professor of Mathematics
  • Michael Robbins, Professor of English
  • Jackie Starren, Faculty, New Student Experience
  • Lisa Gray, Professor of Accounting
  • Donna Colwell, Professor of English
  • Karen Cowden, Professor of Reading
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2015 Recipients

  • Julie Phelps, professor, mathematics
  • Suzanne Salapa, professor, dance
  • Diane Vargas, senior instructional assistant, mathematics
  • Stanton Reed, professor, business/accounting
  • Leila Sisson, professor, mathematics
  • Charles Davis, coordinator, career program advisor
  • Kathleen Marquis, coordinator, ATLAS Access Lab
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2014 Recipients

  • Roberta Carew, professor of mathematics
  • Adrian Manley, counselor
  • George Rausch, professor of networking engineering technology
  • Wael Yousif, professor of networking engineering technology
  • Paul Chapman, professor of humanities
  • Javier Charriez, instructional support supervisor
  • Jonathan Hernandez, manager, student services
  • Deidre Holmes Dubois, professor of speech
  • Maryke Lee, dean of mathematics
  • Theresa Koehler, mathematics administrative assistant
  • James May, English as a second language professor
  • Leesa Sward, professor of biology
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2013 Recipients

  • Chris Borglum, professor of English
  • Ralph Clemente, professor of film production technology
  • Carl Creasman, professor of history
  • Jody DeVoe, professor of mathematics
  • Rob McCaffrey, professor of graphics technology
  • Lisa Macon, interim dean, engineering, computer programming, & technology
  • Larry Herndon, professor of student life skills
  • Gustavo Morales, professor of geology
  • Robin Simmons, professor of English
  • Ilia Cordero, coordinator of financial aid services
  • Betty Fenner, humanities instructor
  • Al Groccia, professor of mathematics
  • Brian Macon, professor of mathematics
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