Richard's Stumpers

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Set #3

  1. A man drives a certain distance at 60 mph and arrives one hour earlier than if he had traveled at 50 mph. What is the distance he traveled?

  2. You are presented with a mixture of salt, iron fillings, and sand. How can you separate the three different ingredients into individual piles?

  3. How many 1/8 inch squares will it take to make a square inch?

  4. A merchant has twelve balls that appear to be exactly alike. One of the balls, however, is heavier than any of the others. The other are all the same weight. How is it possible to determine which is the heavy ball by using a balance scale and making only 3 weighings?

  5. Towards the end of a day’s hunting, Jim and Joe were resting on an old log, enjoying a root beer. Comparing results they found each had expended the same amount of ammunition. Joe, by no means a good shot, had averaged three shots for every bird he brought down. Jim, who admits he only goes hunting for the sake of the evenings in camp, had only killed one bird for every four shots. Suddenly, as they talked together, a flight of duck appeared, coming in low in their direction. Each fired once, and after that they saw no more birds that day. Trudging along some time later, tired and very thirsty, Jim remarked on the fact that he had killed the same number of birds as his friend. "So what?" chuckled Joe, "It’s also funny that neither of us killed two birds with one shot today." How many did Jim kill?

  6. Name a four letter word that ends in "eny", if there is one?

  7. I sent a number of overseas letters by Air Mail and the postage was $.90. Since many of my friends are stamp collectors I always put three different commemorative stamps on each envelope ($.30 each). With 5 different commemorative stamps to choose from, how many combinations of stamps can I use?

  8. Find the next number in this sequence: 1, 9, 25, 49, 81, ____.

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #4.

Answers to Stumper Set #2

  1. You don’t add up the amounts left in the bank.

  2. The portrait is of the man himself or his son.

  3. 18

  4. Yes, he got to see the movie at half price. The day is January 1st.

  5. 137 ½ feet

  6. The poles are next to each other.

  7. 1 ½ hours