Richard's Stumpers

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Set #15

  1. "I signed up 10 more customers this week," said Steve as he got ready to deliver his papers.

    "I signed up 2 new ones myself," said Len, " so I still have more customers than you."

    "Maybe so," said Steve, "but I’m catching up to you. Last week you had 5 times as many customers as I did. Now you have only three times as many. Soon I’ll have as big a route as you have now."

    How many customers does Len have NOW?

  2. If Mr. Hall lowered the admission prices to his theater so that children now had to pay $.50 and adults had to pay $1.00, and Mr. Hall sold exactly 300 tickets for $240 the first night, how many children would be in the audience that night?

  3. John walked 117 miles, beginning on Sunday morning and finishing on Monday evening the following week. Each day he walked one mile farther than the day before. How many miles did he walk each day?

  4. Skippy started with an empty bank. Each day he put into the bank a penny, a dime, and a quarter. He kept this up until the bank contained an exact number of dollars, not a penny more or less. How many days did this take and how many dollars did the bank finally contain?

  5. If I start with $10 and spend all by $3, how much do I have left?

  6. Which are the most northerly, the most easterly, the most southerly, and the most westerly states of the 50 United States?

  7. How many years were there between January 1, 5 BC and January 1, 5 AD?

  8. Walking home from my office one evening, I noticed that I could see just a quarter of the face of the moon. How could I tell if this was the first quarter or the moon or the last quarter?

  9. Using each digit only ONCE, can you replace the x’s with the proper digit in the following multiplication problem?


    Answers are available with Stumper Set #16.

Answers to Stumper Set #14

  1. 100 bills were vetoed by the President

  2. 51 bicycles and 17 tricycles

  3. 4

  4. 30 mph

  5. E

  6. 15 items at $.15 each

  7. 2 play all of them and 1 plays none of them.

  8. Bookkeeper

  9. None, if 3 are right then so is the 4th.

  10. Larger

  11. 1, 2, 3 or -1, -2, -3

  12. 231 + 231 = 462 and many others!