Richard's Stumpers

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Set #23

  1. Ann, Bess, and Cathy were having their weekly game session. The girls agreed that whoever lost must pay the other two the amount of money each had at that time; thus, the other two would have doubled their money. The game began. Ann lost first and paid Bess and Cathy an amount so that each doubled her money. Next, Bess lost and paid Ann and Cathy in the same manner. Finally, Cathy lost and paid Ann and Bess. The game session ended and each girl had 8 cents. How much money did each girl have before they started playing the game?

  2. Supposing you were offered jobs by two different firms. Both firms were exactly the same and each would require 40-hour weeks with no overtime. Firm A agreed to give you a salary of $6,500 to begin with and a $500 raise at the end of each year for the first three years. Firm B promised $6,240 to begin with and a $.50 per hour raise each year for three years. Which job would you take and WHY?

  3. Name one US currency bill beneath the value of $100 upon which there is no portrait of a president? Who is it and what bill is it on?

  4. The father of twin boys, Ronnie and Tommy, is concerned about Ronnie’s weight. Ronnie is eight pounds lighter that his brother. Ronnie weighs one pound for every year of his father’s age. Tommy weighs one pound for every 10 months of his father’s age. How much do the twins weigh?

  5. One Saturday, Dawn’s mother went grocery shopping. When she came home from the store, Dawn found that her mother bought 5 bags of groceries. One bag had all the meats in it, one had all the dairy products, one had all the vegetables, one had the cleaning products, and the last bag had odds and ends. She guessed that the bag with the dairy products was packed last. How did she know that?

  6. Most past and present students of mathematics are aware that 4 squared is NOT the same as 42, and most are certain that 3 to the 4th power times 6 to the 3rd power do NOT equal 3463. However, there are two digits, each to the power of another, which when multiplied together, give just such a coincidental answer. If you don’t have an hour or so to space, you might accept this hint: one digit is squared, the other is to the 5th power. What are these two digits?

  7. Larson, Janes, Murphy, and Smith are four men whose occupations are butcher, banker, grocer, and policeman. What is the occupation of each man?
  1. Larson and Janes are neighbors and take turns driving each other to work.
  2. Janes makes more money than Murphy.
  3. Larson beats Smith regularly at bowling.
  4. The butcher always walks to work.
  5. The policeman does not live near the banker.
  6. The only time the grocer had met the policeman was when the policeman arrested the grocer for speeding.
  7. The policeman makes more money than the banker or the grocer.

Answers are available with Stumper Set #23.

Answers to Stumper Set #22

  1. Jill is Jean’s mother.

  2. 13 or more checks

  3. The oldest is John, the youngest is Thomas.

  4. 8

  5. Bill is 8 years old.

  6. 7 - $.50, 2 - $.25, 1 - $.10, 90 - $.01 or
         80 - $.01, 12 - $.10, 4 - $.25, 4 - $.50 or
         75 - $.01, 15 - $.10, 9 - $.25, 1 - $.50 or
         80 - $.01, 7 - $.10, 12 - $.25, 1 - $.50 or
         75 - $.01, 20 - $.10, 1 - $.25, 4 - $.50 or
         1 - $.50, 39 - $.10, 60 - $.01

  7. 4,154

  8. Both answered all questions correctly or Joe answered twice as many questions correctly as Jim did.

  9. Vacuum

  10. James Monroe , George Washington

  11. Monaco, Vatican City

  12. The parrot was deaf.