Richard's Stumpers

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Set #14

  1. During a session of Congress, 4000 bills were introduced, 2200 of them failed to pass in either house. The House of Representatives approved 1200 bills and the Senate 1500, 800 bills were signed into law by the President. How many bills were passed by both houses and vetoed by the President?

  2. The owner of an Orlando bicycle shop was rather eccentric. When he took inventory, instead of counting the number of bicycles and tricycles in his shop, he counted the number of pedals and the number of wheels. Once he counted 153 wheels and 136 pedals. How many bicycles and tricycles did he have in the shop?

  3. Mr. Weinsier has 22 pieces of chalk in a box – 14 are white, 6 are yellow, and 2 are blue. He wants two pieces of chalk that are the same color. The box is in an unlit room and you are asked to get the chalk. Groping in complete darkness, how many pieces of chalk (minimum) would you have to take out of the box to be certain of having two that are the same color?

  4. Abner’s home is just 75 miles from his college. The last time he drove home the riding time from school to his home and back to school was exactly four (4) hours. If he averages 50 mph driving home, what was his average speed driving back to school?

  5. What is the next letter: Z, A, W, D, V, ____?

  6. I bought some items at the discount store. All the items were the same price and I bought as many items as the number of cents in the cost of each item. My bill was $2.25. How many items did I buy?

  7. Of three friends, two play golf, two bowl, and two play tennis. The one who does not play tennis does not bowl, and the one who does not bowl does not play golf. Which game does each friend play?

  8. What 10 letter word has three pairs of letters in a row?

  9. A secretary types four letters to four different people and addresses the four envelopes. If she inserts the letters at random, what is the probability that exactly three letters will go into the correct envelopes?

  10. A piece of solid iron in the form of a doughnut is heated. Will the diameter of its hole get larger or smaller?

  11. Can you name three different numbers which, when multiplied, give the same result as when added?

  12. Substitute each letter for a digit (same letter is the same digit) that will make this addition problem correct: ONE + ONE = TWO

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #15.

Answers to Stumper Set #13

  1. The bear is white because the house was built on the North Pole.

  2. The coins would not have been dated BC because the people had no way of knowing what the future held.

  3. The worm ate through ¼", through the 2 covers only.

  4. 2nd is a truth-teller and the 1st is a liar. < ompha means "yes">

  5. 360 hours later at 6:00 (15 days)

  6. Cut one inch off the broom handle, split it in half and push it into the hole. It should fit perfectly.

  7. She is happy because she bets more money opposite her husband’s bet.