Richard's Stumpers

Set #19

  1. Common ordinary yeast has some very strange characteristics that are not generally realized. One of these is that some types of yeast have cells that double every minute and the maximum number of cells is reached in an hour after you start with a single cell. How long do you think it would take for the maximum number of cells to be reached if you start with two cells?

  2. Six horses finished a race one-day in the following order: Planet finished 200 feet behind Star. Star was 150 feet ahead of Sunbeam. Sunbeam was 300 feet behind Moonlight. Moonlight was 60 feet ahead of Daytime, and Swift was tied with Star. Can you pick the winner?

  3. At a party one evening, there were a certain number of couples and 5 girls who didnt have any escorts. The hostess divided them into groups of three with 2 girls and 1 boy in each. How many couples were there at the party?

  4. If a man can mow a lawn that is 100 feet square in 2 hours, how long will it take to mow a 50 foot square, assuming that he mows at the same rate of speed?

  5. On a certain railroad there are 25 different stations. The man in charge of ordering tickets sat down one day to figure out how many different tickets were needed to connect every station with every other station. When he finally got the answer he was very surprised. How many tickets would it take? (Note: A ticket is only good for one direction.)

  6. In this particular sequence, what is the next letter? D, E, G, J, ___ ?

  7. In the village of Vocationville reside a Mr. Carpenter, a Mr. Machinist, and a Mr. Smith. One of the men is a carpenter, one is a machinist, and one is a smith. None of the men follows a line of work corresponding to his own name.

    Each man is assisted in his work by the son of one of the other men. Like their fathers, the sons do not work at trades corresponding to their names. If Mr. Machinist is not a carpenter, what is the trade of Mr. Smiths son?

  8. How much dirt is there in a hole one foot wide, one foot deep, and one foot long?

  9. If your uncles sister is not your aunt, just what relation is she to you?

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #20.

Answers to Stumper Set #18

  1. The King was imprisoned, the Prime Minister was executed, and the minister of finance was set free.

  2. 49 years

  3. His friend was the girls mother.

  4. The South bus comes every 20 minutes, and the North bus comes 2 minutes after the South bus leaves.

  5. Deeded

  6. 1.9 inches

  7. 60

  8. 12 mph