Richard's Stumpers

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Set #22

  1. "Jean is my niece." Said Jack to his sister Jill. "She is not by niece." Said Jill. Can you explain?

  2. My bank has been charging me $.25 a month plus $.10 a check for my checking account. The bank now tells me it will start charging $.50 a month plus $.08 a check and this will save me money. How many checks must I draw a month for this to be true?

  3. Three friends, Thomas, Richard, and John, are different ages. Thomas is a bachelor. Richard earns less than the youngest of the three. The oldest of the three earns most, but has the cost of putting his son through college. Who is the oldest and who is the youngest of the three?

  4. What is the next number in this sequence: 77, 49, 36, 18, ___?

  5. Bill, my second oldest, is twice as old as one of my three other children, expressing their ages, in complete number of years. Joan is three times as old as one of the other two children, John and Jean. John is 4 times as old as Jean, who is one year old. How old is Bill?

  6. A boy found he had a hundred coins, none of them nickels, which totaled $5.00. Figure out what coins they were and how many of each kind?

  7. In the election for mayor of a city there were three candidates in fiery competition. They were Kelly, Smith, and Brown. The results showed that Kelly really had little to worry about. The total number of votes cast was 10,095. Kelly received 207 more votes than Smith and 2,160 more votes than Brown. How many votes did Kelly get?

  8. While taking a test Joe came to 2 sets of 3 questions. Joe offered to pay Jim a dollar for every question that Joe could not answer. In return, Jim was to pay Joe $.50 for every questions that Jim could not answer. When the boys settled up their scores, they found that each had an equal amount of money. How could this happen?

  9. Under what circumstances would a feather fall as fast as a cannonball?

  10. What leader of our country ran without an opponent?

  11. What is the smallest country in the world?

  12. "I guarantee," said the salesman in the pet shop, "that this purple parrot will repeat every word it hears." A customer bought the bird, but found that the parrot wouldn’t speak a single word. Never the less, what the salesman said was true. How could this be?

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #23.

Answers to Stumper Set #21

  1. Grandmother

  2. Winner was John Black, 2nd place was Bob White, 3rd place was Rob Roy, and 4th place was Jim Black.

  3. 9 minutes

  4. Instead of adding $2 to the $27 and making it $29, you have to subtrack it from the $27 making it $25, which was the actual cost of the room.

  5. 360 hours or 15 days.

  6. Skinny did it.

  7. Tom Jones, Dick smith, and Harry Robinson.

  8. Fisherman or gardener