Richard's Stumpers

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Set #16

  1. A grandfather clock, which strikes the number of hours each hour, takes 7 seconds to strike 8 o’clock. For how many seconds each day is the clock striking?

  2. Bill always kept a careful account of his expenses and checked his records periodically to make sure that there were no errors. Once while checking his accounts, he noticed that in January he had recorded the purchase of 6 pays of paper and 8 pencils totaling $1.71. In February he had recorded 7 pads and 7 pencils totaling $1.89. In March he had entered 4 pads and 9 pencils totaling $1.38.

    "Aha", he exclaimed pointing to one of the entries, "since the price of each item remained the same at the whole number of cents, this entry is wrong."

    Can you tell which entry it is?

  3. Frank and Joe are brothers. The sum of their ages is 11 years although Frank is 10 years older than his brother. How old are Frank and Joe?

  4. Tim is the star hurdler of the Conway track team. At the beginning of the season he took 6 strides to run from one hurdle to another. Before the end of the season he had added 6 inches to his stride, and was able to cover 7 hurdles in only 36 strides. How long was his stride at the beginning of the season?

  5. A man walked into George’s wig shop and purchased a $24 wig, paying for it with 2 twenty-dollar bills. George did not have enough change so he went next door to Ricky’s party store to get change for one of the bills. Soon after the customer left with the change, Ricky ran angrily into George’s store and announced that the bill was counterfeit. George reluctantly gave Ricky the other $20 bill that was not counterfeit.

    How much did each lose or gain in the transaction?

  6. I had 2 candles, one an inch longer than the other. I lit the longer at 4:30 and the shorter at 6:00. At 8:30 they were both the same length. The longer burned out at 10:30 and the shorter at 10:00.  How long were the candles before I let them?

  7. A man built a square swimming pool, 50 feet long on each side. He planted a tree on each corner of the pool.  Now the man wants to double the area of the pool without moving the trees, while retaining the square shape. How does he do this?

  8. A carnival is always fun. Adult males are asked to pay $.50 for refreshments and adult females $.30. The children are charged only $.01 each. At the carnival we had a total attendence of 100. Everyone paid the correct change and the total receipts were exactly $10.00.    How many men, women, and children attended?

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #17.

Answers to Stumper Set #15

  1. Len now has 72 customers.

  2. There were 120 children in the audience that night.

  3. John walked 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 miles.

  4. It took 25 days for Skippy to save $9.00.

  5. I would have $3.00 left.

  6. North – Alaska; East – Maine; South – Hawaii; West – Alaska

  7. There are 9 years between the dates (No year is called 0.)

  8. Since the moon rises about one hour later each day, the last quarter is not visible in the evening, hence I saw the first quarter of the moon.

  9. 297 x 54 = 16038.