Richard's Stumpers

Set #6

  1. There are three men: Arthur, Ben, and Charles. Each man has two of the following occupations: doctor, engineer, teacher, painter, writer, and lawyer. No two men have the same occupations. Using the following information, find out what two jobs each of the men are engaged in:

    The doctor had lunch with the teacher.

    The teacher and the writer went fishing with Arthur.

    The painter is related to the engineer.

    The doctor hired the painter to do a job.

    Ben lives next door to the writer.

    Charles beat Ben and the painter at tennis.

  2. If it takes one minute to make each cut, how long will it take to cut a ten foot pole into ten pieces all the same length?

  3. Three men stood on the bank of a river. Across the river a 22-rifle was fired. The first man standing across the river from the gun saw the smoke from the gun, the second man saw the bullet strike the water at his feet, and the third man heard the shot. Assuming the river to be very wide, in what order did the three men know of the gun being fired ?

  4. The Andersons were about to start out on an 18,000 mile car trip. They had their tires checked and found that each one was good for 12,000 miles and not one mile more (thats accuracy!) What is the smallest number of spare tires they can carry and still complete the trip ?

  5. Find a number of three digits that is equal to four times the product of its digits?

  6. "How about lending me that $10 you had this morning Paul?" Mike asked his roommate.

    "I cant," said Paul, "I spent some of it."

    "How much did you spend?"

    "Exactly of what I have left," said Paul in an obvious attempt to stump his roommate.

    "Good," said Mike after briefly considering what Paul told him, "that leaves me just what I need to get my watch back from the watchmaker."

    How much money did Paul have left?

  7. A grasshopper was jumping across a road. His first jump carried him halfway across. Each succeeding jump covered half the distance of the jump that preceded it. How many jumps must the grasshopper make in order to cross the road?

  8. What is an 11 letter word using all the vowels in their proper order? (a e i o u not necessarily consecutively)

  9. A number is divided by 16. The sum of the dividend, the divisor, and the quotient is 50. What is the number?

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #7.

Answers to Stumper Set #5

  1. 17 sheep and 26 turkeys

  2. 301

  3. 84 years old

  4. The one that doesnt run at all because it is correct twice a day, the other is only correct once every few weeks.

  5. "Which road leads to your town?"

  6. He picked up one slip and destroyed it. Then he pulled out the second one reading "TIGER" on it, so the first must have read "LADY."

  7. (347 + 859 = 1206) or (324 + 765 = 1089) or (352 + 746 = 1098) or (364 + 725 = 1089) or (342 + 756 = 1098) or (325 + 764 = 1089)

  8. The object is in orbit (outside of Earths atmosphere.)