Richard's Stumpers

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Set #13

  1. A man built a square house with four walls and a window in each wall. All the windows faced south. After he finished he noticed a large bear snooping outside. What color was the bear and WHY?

  2. An archeologist claimed he found some coins dated 46 B.C. (Assume they made coins at that date.) However, one of his smart students immediately realized that the archeologist was not telling the truth. How did he know the date was incorrect?

  3. Professor Weinsier owned a valuable book that had been published in two volumes. He kept both volumes in their proper order, side by side, on the shelf in his study. The binding of each volume was one-eighth of an inch thick, and the pages in each volume were a total of 3 ½ inches thick.

    One day the professor found, to his sorrow, that an industrious bookworm had burrowed in a straight line from the first page of Volume I to the last page of Volume II. But when the professor inspected the books, he found less damage than he had expected.

    Exactly how far had the bookworm burrowed ?

  4. An explorer was traveling through a primitive jungle inhabited by two native tribes. The members of one tribe always told the truth and the others always told lies. While walking through the jungle, the explorer met two natives. He asked one of the natives, "Are you a member of the truth telling tribe?" The first native answered, "Ompha." The second native then spoke up and said, "He said, "yes"…. But he’s a liar!" After a little thought the explorer figured out to which tribe each native belonged. Can you?

    (Note: they are not from the same tribe.)

  5. Two clocks register midnight at exactly the same time. What makes this extraordinary is the way they are running. One clock loses a minute an hour, and the other gains a minute an hour. Assuming each will continue to lose or gain at the same rate, when will both clocks register the same time again?

  6. A carpenter building a house came across a square hole in the floor. The hole was exactly one inch square. The only material he had on hand to repair the hole was a circular broom handle one inch in diameter, a hammer, and a saw. He was able to repair the hole. How did he do it?

  7. "See that gray haired chap betting red or black at the roulette table?" said George. "Loves to gamble, but he ran afoul of a witch doctor who put a curse on him. Now he loses consistently about 80% of the time. Drops about $50,000 a year."

    "He must be pretty wealthy to be able to afford it." Said Lennie.

    "Not really! His wife supports him. She is that attractive woman at his right."

    "I’m surprised she doesn’t get fed up and leave him."

    "On the contrary, she’s quite happy about it."

    Can you hazard a guess as to why the woman should be so happy about her husband’s rotten luck?

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #14.

Answers to Stumper Set #12

  1. Brown – 1st      White – 2nd      Smith – Catcher

  2. Black – 3rd       Wilson – RF    Green – LF

  3. Miller – SS       Gray – CF       Jones - Pitcher

  4. 9537

  5. 5 rolls ($.20 each extra)

  6. To prison for life.

  7. 4 boys

  8. 28 days