Richard's Stumpers

Set #17

  1. Laryngitis, a Greek orator, was born on July 4, 30 BC and died on July 4, 30 AD. How old was he when he died?

  2. "But I dont have time for school," explained David to the truant officer. "I sleep 8 hours a day, which adds up to 122 days a year, assuming each day had 24 hours in it. There is not school on Saturday or Sunday, which amounts to 104 days a year. We have 60 days for summer vacation. I need 3 hours a day for meals that is more than 45 days a year. And I need at least 2 hours a day for recreation which comes to over 30 days a year. If you add these figures up youll see they come to 361 days. You see," continued David," that leaves me with only 4 days to be sick in bed, and I havent even taken into account the 7 days that we get for school holidays each year."

    The truant officer scratched his head. "Something is wrong here", he mumbled. But try as he could, he was unable to find any thing inaccurate about Davids figures. Can you explain what is wrong?

  3. When a trip is made by car, the will travel at different speeds at different times. If the total distance is divided by the total driving time, the result is called the average speed of the trip. Mr. Smith planned to drive from Chicago to Detroit, then back again. He wanted to average 60 mph for the entire trip. After arriving in Detroit, he found that the average speed for the trip was only 30 mph.

    What must be Mr. Smiths average speed on the return trip in order to average 60 mph for the ENTIRE trip?

  4. The annual baseball game between the Tigers and the Jets ended in a tie, with the score 8 to 8 when the game was called because of rain. ALL 16 runs had been batted in by 4 men, 2 on each team. Simpson batted in one more run than Willard, the Tiger captain did. Franklin, the captain of the Jets, batted in 2 runs. To which team did Thompson, the fourth player, belong?

  5. There are 20 seniors serving on the student council of University High School this year. Of these, 3 have not server before, 10 served on the council in their junior year, 9 in their sophomore year, and 11 in their freshman year. There are 5 who served during both their sophomore and junior years, 6 during both their freshman and junior years, and 4 during both their freshman and sophomore years. How many seniors have served on the student council during each of their four years of high school? (Note: Consider 9th grade as the freshman year of high school.)

  6. A debtor was anxious to settle a $3 account, but only had one $2 bill. He took it to a pawn broker and pawned it for $1.50. Then he sold the pawn ticket to a friend for $1.50. He then had the $3 he needed and settled his bill. Who lost in the deal?

  7. Find the cost of 6 and 3/.05 chickens at $.50 each?

  8. If 3 apples are worth 2 oranges, how many oranges are 24 apples worth?

  9. At the rate of 45 mph, how far can a car be driven in 20 minutes?

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #18.

Answers to Stumper Set #16

  1. The clock strikes for 136 seconds a day.

  2. The January entry is incorrect.

  3. Frank is 10 and Joe is year.

  4. Originally, Tims stride was one yard.

  5. George lost $20, Ricky broke even, and the customer gained $20.

  6. The first candle was 9 inches long, the second candle was 8 inches long.

  7. Build the expansion diagonally.

  8. There were 80 children, 16 men, and 4 women at the carnival.