Richard's Stumpers

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Set #12

  1. Nine men play on a baseball team (Brown, White, Black, Miller, Green, Gray, Wilson, Jones, and Smith). See if you can figure out the position of each man using the following information:

    • Smith and Brown each won $10 playing poker with the pitcher.
    • Gray is taller than Wilson and shorter than White, but each of them weighs more than the first baseman.
    • The third baseman lives in the same apartment as Jones.
    • Miller and the outfielders play poker in their spare time.
    • White, Miller, Brown, the right fielder, and the center fielder are bachelors. The rest are married.
    • Wilson and Black: one of them plays an outfield position.
    • The right fielder is shorter than the center fielder.
    • The third baseman is a brother to the pitcher’s wife.
    • Green is taller than the infielders and battery (pitcher and catcher), except Jones, Smith, and Black.
    • The second baseman beat Jones, Brown, Gray, and the catcher at golf.
    • The third baseman, the shortstop, and Gray made $150 apiece speculating in the stock market.
    • The second baseman is engaged to Miller’s sister.
    • Black, who hates the catcher, lives in the same house with his wife.
    • Brown, Black, and the shortstop lost $200 apiece speculating in overseas commodities.
    • The catcher has three daughters, the third baseman has two sons, and Green is being sued for divorce.
  2. Coylis Coy never tells anyone her telephone number directly. If a new suitor should ask, she gives the following response: "The sum of my telephone number’s four digits is my age, 23. The first digit is 3 times the third and the second is 2 less than the fourth which, if you are still interested, is one more than twice the third."

    Could you call her? What is her number?

  1. A restaurant, famous for its hot rolls, doesn’t charge for them if a diner doesn’t eat too many. There is a charge though for each roll eaten above the magic number. A husband and wife who had a passion for the rolls together consumed 13 rolls and were charged $.60. Had one person alone had eaten that many, the charge would have been $1.60. How many rolls can one person eat without being charged?

  2. SIONFRFOLPEOITR With these letters can you form the longest sentence known to man" ? (Use only the letters shown.)

  3. "We need more boys in the club." said Maryanne.

    "Why?" asked Patty.

    "Well, we have 32 members now and only ¼ are boys."

    "That’s not good!" Patty admitted.

    "You’re right," said Maryanne. "We have to get some more boys to join. At least one third of the members must be boys."

    "That would be a more balanced club." Patty agreed.

    How many more boys would they need if no more girls joined their club?

  4. A frog is at the bottom of a well 30 feet deep. How many days will it take him to get out if he climbs up three feet each day and drops back two feet each night?

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #13.

Answers to Stumper Set #11

  1. 19 male passengers

  2. $3.00

  3. 5 5/11 minutes

  4. Majority of votes in electoral college

  5. 4 miles

  6. 11:57 AM

  7. 11 pieces  (To achieve this number make sure that 3 or more of the lines do NOT intersect at the same point in your circle. By the way these numbers do have a pattern.  So although it is difficult to draw, you can calculated the number of pieces with more cuts.)

  8. 61st day

  9. Yes, because in order to arrive at a "desirable" statistic the statistic was probably calculated to include the 5th president who was, more than likely, the 3rd president to have died on July 4th.