Richard's Stumpers

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Set #20

  1. A famous explorer was captured by savages. He was then tied to a tree while the kettle was being readied. After a while, the chief of the tribe came over to him and said, "Sir, we have a courtesy here which we practice with all visitors. We will allow you to make one statement before you are sentenced. If that statement is false, you must marry the ugliest woman in the tribe and stay with her. If the statement is true, you will be immediately made into stew." After thinking a while, the explorer made one statement and the tribe had no choice but to let him go. What did he say?

  2. What relation is William, who had no brothers or sisters, to Walter, if Walter’s grandfather is William’s father’s son?

  3. A man, who has only a 7-gallon bucket and a 4-gallon bucket (and no other container), wants to measure out 5 gallons of water. How does he do this? (Note: do not measure by tilting.)

  4. There are 5 different cards in a pile each upside down. Using the following information can you figure out what order the cards are in ? (Suit and number are required.)

  5. The ace is nearer the top than either the jack of queen. The diamond is nearer the top than either the space or the club. The ten is neither a heart nor a club and is just above the ace. The jack is neither a heart nor a spade and is just below the queen. The king is neither a heart nor a spade and is higher than the ace. And one heart is just above another heart.  From top to bottom what is the order of the cards?

  6. Name three consecutive odd integers that equal 51?

  7. Twenty-one bridge enthusiasts once decided that they would meet each week, 5 at a time, to play bridge. This arrangement was to continue just so long as they could meet without having the same group together on any two evenings. The question is----how many meetings could they have under the conditions laid down ? And how long would they last?

  8. John bought 2 pair of slacks and a sports jacket for $34. If one pair of slacks cost $2 less than the other pair, and the sports jacket costs twice the price of the more expensive slacks, how much did the sports jacket cost John?

  9. WHEN and WHY were 10 or 11 days completely skipped from the calendar?

  10. A man on a train is moving at the train’s speed of 60 mph. He then walks toward the engine at a speed of 2 mph. While he is walking, an ant walks across the man’s head from front to back at a speed of ½ mph. How fast is the ant moving in the direction the train is going in relation to the earth?

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #21.

Answers to Stumper Set #19

  1. 59 minutes

  2. Moonlight

  3. 5 couples

  4. ½ hour

  5. 600

  6. N

  7. Machinist

  8. None

  9. Mother