Richard's Stumpers

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Set #10

  1. An automobile is now half as old as John was when the car was new. John is now 15 years old. How old is the car?

  2. A man was given $20 to buy $20 tickets for a football game. The man had to spend all the money and had to buy at least one ticket of each type. Adult tickets cost $4, student tickets cost $.50, and tickets for children under 6 years old cost $.25. How many of each type ticket did he come home with?

  3. A freight train one-mile long goes through a tunnel that is one mile long. If the train is traveling at a speed of 15 mph, how long does it take the train to pass through the tunnel?

  4. A commuter going home from work, normally reaches his station at a certain time and is driven to his house by a chauffeur. On a certain occasion he arrived at the station an hour earlier than usual, and started to walk home. The chauffeur, leaving the house at the usual time, picked up the man and drove him home arriving 10 minutes earlier than usual. For how many minutes did the man walk?

  5. A farmer, short on means and long on imagination, planted an apple orchard of only 10 trees. Just the same, his orchard has five rows with four trees in each row. How did he do it?

  6. If  ¼  of 20 is 4 (I know it really isn’t), than what will 1/3 of 10 be?

  7. What whole number added to 1000 is more than if 1000 is multiplied by that number?

  8. Which is the largest lake completely within the United States?

  9. Friday the 13th is reputed to be a very unlucky day. On the average, over a period of 10 years, how frequently does Friday the 13th occur?

  10. How many times do the two hands of a clock point in the same direction between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM of a single day?

  11. A man is put into a room with 2 doors. In this room are 2 people. One of these persons lies all the time; the other always tells the truth. The man who is put into the room does not know which of the 2 people is the liar and which one tells the truth Behind one of the doors is a way to freedom. Behind the other door is sure death. The liar and the truthful man each know what is behind the 2 doors. The man who is put in the room is allowed to ask either, but not both, of the people in the room one question to determine the way to freedom. What question should he ask to get free?

  12. If 6 people can eat 6 bananas in 6 minutes, how many people will it take to eat 100 bananas in 100 minutes? (Note: stomach capacity is not an issue!)

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #11.

Answers to Stumper Set #9

  1. White (due to deductive reasoning)

  2. $96.

  3. 3 – 5 – 8
          0 – 0 – 8    The 8-quart is filled up from the store, the others are empty.
            3 – 0 – 5    Fill the 3-quart up from the 8-quart.
            0 – 3 – 5    Pour the 3 quarts into the 5-quart container.
            3 – 3 – 2    Fill the 3-quart up from the 8-quart.
            1 – 5 – 2
            1 – 0 – 7
            3 – 1 – 4
            0 – 4 – 4

  4. 18 years old

  5. 100 silver dollars

  6. Hitler

  7. Has to be closed to Aardvosk

  8. $7560.