Richard's Stumpers

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Set #9

  1. There are 3 white hats and 2 black hats in a drawer. Three men are lined up in single file and a hat is placed on each man’s hear. The men are asked to figure out what color hat they have on. The back man, who could look ahead and see both the men in front of him said, "I don’t know." The middle man, who could only see the man in front of him said, "I don’t know either." But the man in front, who could see nobody said, "I know!" What color hat did he have on and HOW did he know?

  2. A boy agreed to work one year for $240 and a horse. At the end of seven months he quit and received $100 and the horse. What was the value of the horse?

  3. "Good morning, Mrs. Jade," said Mrs. Smith. "May I borrow your 5-quart pail today? I am going to the store to buy 4 quarts of mile, and my pail isn’t big enough. It holds only 3 quarts."

    "I was just about to go to the store myself to buy 4 quarts too," said Mrs. Jade. "Suppose you take my 8-quart, have it filled and we’ll divide it when you get back."

    Mrs. Smith returned from the store with the 8-quart pail full of milk. Then, with the help of the 5-quart pail and the 3-quart pail, Mrs. Jade divided the milk into 2 equal parts.

    How did she do it?

  4. Mary is 24 years old. She is twice as old as Ann was when Mary was as old as Ann is now. How old is Ann?

  5. A coin collector has twice as many quarters as he has half-dollars, and twice as many half-dollars as he has silver dollars. The total face value of all these coins is $300. How many silver dollars does he have?

  6. On a cold January morning, a man took the oath as chief executive of his country. He was 43. Standing beside him was his predecessor, a beloved general who, 15 years earlier, commanded the armed forces of his country in a war that resulted in the defeat of Germany. The man who took the oath had also served in the armed forces and had been brought up in the Roman Catholic faith. Later the same day, there was a 5-hour parade in his honor and he sat up celebrating until 3 AM. Who was this man?

    (Note: He was not J. F. K.)

  7. If the city of Aardvosk is 9000 miles from Baltimore, and Baltimore is 9000 miles from the city of Crupnik, what is the probability that Crupnik is closer to Aardvosk than to Baltimore?

  8. A wealthy man died and left an estate of $975,240 to be divided among his 5 sons, 4 daughters, and divorced wife. His will directed that each son receive 3 times as mush as all the daughters combined, and that each daughter receive twice as much as their mother. How much did his divorced wife receive?

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #10.

Answers to Stumper Set #8

  1. The basket was full a minute ago, or after 59 minutes of berry picking.

  2. 17480 sandals

  3. One balloon is black and the other balloon is white.

  4. 3 beavers built the dam.

  5. The figures total 101: 30 drink coffee only, 23 drink tea only, and 48 drink both

  6. 640 acres – 4 times as much

  7. 1/3 refined and 2/3 crude

  8. ½ is thrown away

  9. 136 gallon capacity