Richard's Stumpers

Set #21

  1. What relation are you to your sister-in-laws husbands grandfathers wife?

  2. Four men named Jim Black, Bob White, John Black, and Rob Roy once competed in a checker tournament. See if you can tell from the following clues in what order they finished?

    1. The Blacks were the famous athletic brothers who had starred in college sports.

    2. Bob White played better than usual and beat Rob Roy.

    3. The man who finished third said to the winner, "Im very glad to have met you. I have heard what a skillful player you are."

    4. The runner-up had had infantile paralysis when he was a child. As a consequence he had never married, but had lived a quiet life with his mother.

    5. Jim Black had caused a good deal of talk when he was an usher at Rob Roys wedding. He drank too much champagne and proposed to the brides mother.

  3. If it takes 6 minutes to saw a log into three pieces, how long will it take to saw the same log into 4 pieces?

  4. Three men all staying together in a hotel room during the convention decided to pay their bill. The room cost $25. The 3 men each gave the clerk a $10 check. The clerk said he would send the change up to their room by the bell hop. The bell hop came up with 5 one dollar bills. Each man took one of the bills and the other $2 were given to the bell hop for a tip.

    Since each man paid out $10 and got back $1, it means that each man spent $9. Being that all three paid the same amount, this means that the total for the three came to $27. Add to this the $2 tip the total now comes to $29. What happened to the other dollar?

  5. If a second of time is equal to a second of distance, how long will it take to go around the earth?

  6. Inspector Slewfoot had narrowed the suspects in the Great Haystack Heist down to four Skinny, Slinky, Sloppy, and Hubert. The four each made a statement. Slewfoot knew that only one of the statements was true----------WHO was the thief?
    Skinny said, "I didnt do it."
    Slinky said, "Skinny is lying."
    Sloppy said, "Slinky is lying."
    Hubert said, "Slinky did it."

  7. Tom, Dick, and Harry are three friends. Their last names are Smith, Jones, and Robinson, but not necessarily respectively. They all go shopping one Saturday and Tom spends exactly twice as much as Dick and Dick spends exactly twice as much as Harry. Smith spends exactly $12.65 more than Robinson. What is each mans full name?

  8. "We eat what we can, and we can what we cant." Can you explain who could make this statement?

    Answers are available with Stumper Set #22.

Answers to Stumper Set #20

  1. "I will marry the ugliest woman in the tribe."

  2. William is Walters grandfather.

  3. 4-gallon bucket/7-gallon bucket
    Fill up the 4-gallon, Pour 4-gallon into the 7-gallon, Fill up the 4-gallon, Fill up the 7-gallon from the 4-gallon leaving 1 gallon, Dump out the 7-gallon bucket, Pour the 1 gallon into the 7-gallon, Fill up the 4-gallon, Pour the 4-gallon into the 7-gallon giving you 5 gallons.

  4. Top card is the king of diamonds.
    Second card is the 10 of spades.
    Third card is the ace of hearts.
    Fourth card is the queen of hearts.
    Fifth card is the jack of clubs.

  5. 15, 17, and 19

  6. 20,349 meetings lasting 390 years.

  7. $18

  8. In 1582 the day after October 4th became October 15th in order to bring the calendar and the sun into correspondence again.

  9. 61 mph